Before and After Gallery: Morpheus8

Morpheus 8

morpheus8 of lips

Morpheus8 treatment was performed on the face to ride client of deep wrinkles. This treatment is a miconeedling with radio frequency with adjustable depth penetration to allow skin tightening, sub-dermal tissue remodeling, and texture correction. This procedure can be used on the entire face, neck or most body areas. Photo: Before (left) and After (right) 3 Morpheus8 treatments.

m8 2 1

This client is undergoing Morpheus8 for rejuvenation of the neck. Notice the decrease in both the number and depth of the wrinkles. This photo was taken 6 weeks after the first treatment. The client will continue to see tightening for 3 months.


This client had a Morpheus8 treatment and 4 weeks later she noticed overall improved skin texture, improved jaw line, decreased skin wrinkles on the neck, tighter cheeks with decreased depth of the nasolabial lines and mouth wrinkles.

bs r side

This client had a Morpheus8 performed for overall skin rejuvenation. 8 weeks after the Morpheus8 treatment, the client noted an improved jaw line, tighter neck angle, improved skin texture, and decreased number and depth of wrinkles in the face and neck. She will continue to see tightening from this 1 treatment for another month.

bs front view

8 weeks after a Morpheus8 treatment, the client noted decreased length and depth on the nasolabial lines, mouth lines, tighter jaw line and tighter/firmer neck. She will continue to see tightening from this one treatment for another month.

m8 6

The client had a Morpheus8 treatment to the face and the neck. After 6 weeks, the client noted drastic reduction of the jowls, a tighter jaw line, tighter skin on the neck with a decrease double chin, decreased laxity of the cheeks with improved skin texture all over. She well continue to see tightening for another 6 weeks.

m8 7

This client underwent 2 Morpheus8 treatments. She noted improved skin rejuvenation with decrease depth of the nasolabial lines, the mouth lines, the lines between her eyes and on her forehead. She noted improved jowls with tightening of the cheeks and skin on the neck. She will have 1 more Morpheus8 treatment to complete her transformation making her look years younger!



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